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Metal Injection Molding Manufacturing Support Center, Technical Support

Sep. 24, 2022

Metal Injection Molding Manufacturing Support Center, Technical Support

To design tools for MIM is not a easy job. It requires high precision tolerance and many difficult details.

High precision tolerance, no burrs, high standard surface, all of these standers are requirements of making metal molding tools. With no doubt, only few factories can reach them. Harber is a professional injection molding and MIM tools manufacturer, supplying molds for wireless electronics, medicine, auto, electrics, and personal protection fields. 

Based on our advantage in technique, we have successfully developed more than 5000 molds and more than 30000 items now. The success rate reaches 95%. You can be assured to send your projects to us.  

Metal Injection Molding combines the design flexibility of plastic injection molding with the strength and durability of metal to offer cost effective solutions for metal parts with highly complex geometries.

Our MIM process could be used widely from hardware household appliances, toy parts, lock parts, auto part, cusummer electronical parts to aerospace metal parts. It have core technology with complex non-standarded gemoetries, selective material, light weight, precise tolerance, strict hardness, smooth performance. MIM tools fit for small parts production. Harber company has made great contributions to Medical Industry, which needs parts weight between 0.15g to 23.4g. 

Original Advantage of MIM Process

Compared with traditional powder metallurgy, CNC machining and investment casting, MIM technology has the following advantages:

1, Unlimited shapes: MIM can make unlimited, complex shapes of parts by one shot process.

2, MIM can make holes, grooves, screw threads, annular knurls, words and logos.

3, Mass production: use MIM to make mass production, can save you more time and money.

4, Reliable physical properties: high intensity which can reach even 95%, good surface finish(MIM can reach Ra1.6), can do electropolishing, nickle plating, vacuum coating etc., can do cementite, hardening, heat treatment etc., according to requirements.

5, High precision: the size precision for one shot process can reach +/- 0.1~0.5%. For some higher precision requirement, can machined by CNC.

6, Various materials: MIM parts can be made of iron, stainless steel, steel, hard alloys etc..

7, Low cost: to make complex shape and mass quantity parts, MIM can save quite a lot of cost.

8, Minimizes scrap losses by typically using more than 97% of the starting raw material.

9, Sustainable manufacturing - Green technology.

1.We have some packing style just as customers recommendation. Normally, neutral packing could meet requirments. We also could provide blister,trays to protect MIM goods.

2. We have many forwarder companies to cooperate in sea and airfreight way.  So we could help to save more cost in transport. For example, FedEx, DHL, UPS, Post mail, TNT, Sea Freight with FOB, CIF,CNF ect.

Technology Support

1.Our engineers are the important leaders in the first start process in MIM research institute- Central South University, Peking Industry, The Institute of Wusan. After that, they establish Jingzhu Weapon factory, Fuci company.

2.Our engineers are are the technical guidances in other famous factories. They are the members of PM CHINA and CAS-BASF FormulAsia 2015. 

3.If you have any question or problem on products, we can offer you the solutions, including the hardness control, surface treatment, material mix, mechanical properties, shapping etc.. 

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