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xFusion Purchase MIM factory Harber's Powder Injection Mold Parts-Rotating shaft

Oct. 17, 2023

xFusion Digital Technologies Co. in China Purchase MIM factory Harber's Powder Injection Molding Parts-Rotating shaft (hinge); Hinge,handles and other steel parts

xFusion Digital Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "xFusion") is dedicated to providing global leading digital infrastructure and services. xFusion continuously creates value for customers and partners and accelerates the digital transformation of the industry. xFusion has 11 research institutes, 7 regional offices, and 6 major supply centers totally around the world (some still under preparation). Currently, xFusion is serving customers in 130 countries and regions, including 211 Fortune Global 500 companies and covering telecoms, finance, Internet, governments, and other industries.

Rotating shaft (hinge)

xFusion has been cooperating with mim factory Harber MIM for over 3 years, ordering over 3 customized powder metallurgy and metal injection moulding parts.We mainly provide many kinds of hinges,handles made by PIM technology. We Harber MIM has great advantages and suitable for complex metal products. MIM technolgy could meet the requirement like have smooth surface, high strength, high densitly 7.8g/cm3. For products with strict requirements for holes and edges, MIM can be produced at once, saving costs. MIM can also produce large quantities of consistent dense metal parts. 

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