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Quadstar Tuning(USA) Purchase Powder Metallurgy Parts-Motor Gears

Sep. 18, 2023

Quadstar Tuning is a small business focused on providing the highest quality parts for the 6.5L Turbo Diesel platform. We specialize in tuning but also offer a wide selection of other products.


PAG LTD,who is professional on Turbo motive parts has been cooperating with Harber for over 3 years, ordering over 10 customized powder metallurgy and metal injection moulding parts.We Harber MIM has great advantages and is suitable for complex metal products. For products with strict requirements for holes and edges, MIM can be produced at once, saving costs. MIM can also produce large quantities of consistent dense metal parts. Our company specializes in PM and MIM products and has provided high-quality services to at least 20 countries and 5000+ customers. 


Please call us 0086--136-6262-4231 and send email to if need any MIM components.

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