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The important point of MIM Injection

Sep. 24, 2022

Choosing high quality metal powder

In a certain temperature range, the higher the sintering temperature, the higher the sintering density, and the smaller the change with the sintering temperature. In a certain range, the larger the size of the powder, the larger the sintering density. The spherical powder is conducive to improving the vibration density, load-carrying capacity and sintering density.

Proportion between powder and binder

Viscosity increases with the increase of solid content. When solid content reaches 62%, the viscosity of metal powder increases sharply after injection, making the limit of solid content (MAX62%). When the binder is insufficient, there is a gap between the two, which will affect the powder. If there are too many binders, the solid content is too low, which will affect the degreasing and sintering shrinkage, and have a great impact on the quality of metallurgical products.

Gate Design

The gate should be designed a little higher so as to reduce frictional feeding in the die, reduce injection pressure and avoid product deformation. In addition, the design of overflow hole is used for loading in the process of cold material injection to ensure the consistency of powder metallurgy products.

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