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Automobile Radar Accessories MIM Metal Parts

Sep. 24, 2022

Project Development Time: March 2022

Industry: Automobile radar accessories Material 

Material used: FeSi3

Qty: 500,000pcs mim parts


Case background

This is a part that one of our China inland customers needs to customize. The customer is the top hardware assembly manufacturer in China, and has strict quality requirements. The material needed to be highly magnetic and corrosion resistant, hence the part had to go through various processes like surface coating electroless zinc nickel alloy. This part used FeSi3(Fe3%Si) with high physical properties with 53mm*29mm*18mm, weight 12.4g. Harber MIM delivery the ripe experiences and solution.


Harber MIM was the best place for the above-mentioned manufacturer. The requirement was close tolerances, which was an area of excellence for HARBER MIM. Thus, we developed a custom-made magnetic material FeSi3 for the product as per the manufacturers’ specifications.After sintering, the surface hardness is about 10HRC, which is the best degree we do post process- reshaping. And surface coating zinc-nickle alloy is also difficult process, we have rich experiences to make surface balance. Harber MIM also have a professional tooling factory and team,also created a Multi Cavity Tool, which helped to meet their high volume requirements.

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